Greek Business Owners Can Accept Payments with Payment Solutions, Inc. is offering service around the world in countries excluding Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Syria. If you’re a merchant looking for no long-term contracts, 24/7 customer service and no termination fees, is the place to do business with. With our newly added global reach, online payment processing has never been easier. Our credit card merchant account services are a convenient way for Greek business owners to sell their products and services around the world. Some major restaurants in Greece still aren’t accepting credit cards even though it’s a major form of payment today. Customers love to use their credit cards when doing their shopping online, so if you’re a brick-and-click hybrid, online payment processing for credit cards is essential. This kind of global network is something you can expect from quality services from With our Rapid Approval application process, you never have to wait to make your next business move because of us. With free smart phone apps available to the payment gateway, it’s no wonder Charge’s popularity is growing around the world.

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