Florida Merchants Can See Great Gains with Charge.com

Florida’s warm weather, constant sunshine, and sandy white beaches make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Each year, millions and millions of people flock to The Sunshine State to play in the ocean waters around Miami and Key West. They learn about Florida’s rich history in St. Augustine, wade through the Everglades, and wait out the long Midwestern winters in towns like Fort Myers. The tourists catch races at Daytona Beach, and take their kids to ride the rollercoasters in Tampa and Orlando. They inject billions of dollars into the state’s economy – with most of that money going to merchants for services like food and lodging. Merchants that can accept credit cards are more likely to see dividends from this trade, because most travelers do not carry cash or checks on them anymore – opting to pay with plastic instead. Some businesses cannot take credit card payments, however, or – even worse – have bad credit card processing, which will drastically reduce their chances of gaining financial windfalls from Florida’s amazing tourism industry.

In order to be able to process credit cards payments – whether online or onsite – businesses need merchant accounts, which are managed and allotted by credit card processing companies. These processors do not grant access to the accounts easily, though. Instead, they grade applying businesses on their risk levels and often deny them for scoring too high. It does not take much to earn a high score, either. Businesses can be deemed “high risk” if they have bad credit, handle too much cash, or even for being new. If a processor does give a merchant account to a business, it usually comes with harsh terms. The business will not get its own account, for example. Instead, it will have to use the processor’s account as a third party. This means that funds in the account can be subjected to lengthy holds by the processor. The business will also have to pay excessive fees for all transactions processed through the account – even while waiting for the processor to release its money. This kind of treatment often discourages businesses from accepting credit cards altogether.

Luckily, Charge.com is a credit card processor that strives to help all Floridian businesses get a merchant account – no matter what their risk level is. The application for an account is completely free, easy, and takes no time at all. Approval often comes within days – not weeks. Once a business has been approved, it can begin processing payments through its new merchant account in 24-48 hours, and there will be no interminable third-party holds to keep the business from accessing its funds. The latest in credit card processing technology is provided at no charge to the client, and that includes the technical set-up and expert support that is available 24/7/365. Charge.com also offers its clients some of the most affordable rates in the credit card processing industry. Businesses can pay rates as low as 0.25%, and transaction fees as low as $0.15, and there are no hidden dues. This deal can bring a little extra sunshine into the bank accounts of merchants in every corner of the state.

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