Fitness Businesses Clear Major Hurdles with Help from

Americans are spending a lot of time sitting in front of screens these days, and the impact on the nation’s overall health has been huge. Studies all show that folks desperately need to get off of the couch, and start getting in shape. This means doing more than just “fad” dieting and shedding a few pounds. People need access to exercise solutions that can help them prevent muscle atrophy, strengthen their cardiovascular systems, improve lung functioning, and stave off diabetes and other serious diseases. Expert advice on maintaining a nutritious diet, staying well-hydrated, maximizing beneficial sleeping patterns, and managing stress levels is also in great demand. Gymnasiums, yoga studios, and fitness centers are definitely the places for folks to find healthy answers to their physical ailments, and there are certainly plenty around. From Maine’s rocky coastline to Hawaii’s sandy shores, exercise-related businesses are cropping up everywhere to provide people with serious physical activity and planning for a healthy life.

It is not easy to keep a gym or studio up and running, however – there is a lot more to it besides renting a space, then tossing out some free weights, mats, and stationary bicycles. Most fitness centers take up huge spaces, and it is also cool for gyms to have a pool, hot tub, or sauna for guests to use, and that could mean renting and retrofitting an entire building. People like to join gyms that have the latest in exercise equipment, too, therefore – fitness business owners must frequently evaluate the performance and applicability of their gear, then purchase or rent new stuff as it becomes available. A fitness center/yoga studio’s staff need to be specially trained to teach others about rest, stress management, nutrition, and the latest exercise techniques, or the customers will lose faith in the facility’s commitment to physical health. All these costs add up quickly, and to keep ahead of the bills, business owners need rapid return on their payment processing. Unfortunately, that is not always what they get from their credit card processors. The processors place unnecessary holds on their merchant accounts, and nip away at the funds amassing in those accounts with excessively high and/or hidden fees and rates. By the time merchants see their money, it has been almost thoroughly depleted and they can barely cover their bills. Eventually, gym/studio owners begin to build up more debt than muscle.

Well, is here to help struggling gymnasium and studio owners lift that heavy load and shelve it. This processor issues individual merchant accounts to each of its clients – preventing lengthy financial holds from taking place. Customers see their funds deposited to their accounts in a few days – not weeks. Qualifying clients may also receive Next Day Funding that puts the money in within one business day. There will be no surprise deductions, either, because all costs are determined at the time accounts are opened. offers its clients the most affordable pricing on payment processing, too. Merchants can pay rates as low as 0.25% for credit card processing, and may see fees as small as $0.15 for each transaction. With all this assistance, any fitness center owner can easily clear mounting debts to have a healthy, thriving business.


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