Electronics and Repair Merchants Get Crystal Clear Processing with Charge.com

It is fair to say that people love televisions, computers, game consoles, and other electronics. It is not just that these gizmos provide entertainment – they also are important for education, information sharing, socialization, health, and safety. Folks spend billions and billions of dollars on new electronics each year in the hopes of enriching their lives with these devices. They will spend almost the same amount on repairs for these devices when they are broken – either because they like using them so much, or because the apparatuses contain a lot of valuable information. Businesses that sell and fix electronics stand to benefit greatly from peoples’ love for their gadgets – provided that they have good credit card processing, of course. Most people put more expensive purchases, (appliances, computers, etc.), on their credit cards instead of using cash or checks, and so it is very important that the processing is exceptional because that is how most remittances will be received. If it is subpar, then merchants of high-speed technology could see their trade grind to a halt.

Bad credit card processing is almost as bad as not being able to accept credit cards at all. It starts when a business applies for an online merchant account so it can receive and process credit card payments both online and in-store. The business has to obtain the account from a credit card processor, and there is a good chance that the processor in question will not give the applicant an individual merchant account. Instead, the processor will give the applying business a choice: go without card services for its customers, or use the processor’s own merchant account as a third party. As a third party, the business would not be able to control the flow of funds in and out of the account – the processor would. The processor could also place lengthy holds on the monies collected in the account, and force the business to wait weeks and weeks for those vital deposits. As the money sits, the processor will deduct fees for credit card processing and transactions, too. Many processors throw in some hidden charges, as well – so by the time the business gets its funds, the money has been reduced to a fraction of what it should be. This is hardly a bright picture for electronics and repair merchants, because then they cannot keep up financially with the speed of business, and are surpassed by their competition.

Luckily, Charge.com is one processor who is on the merchants’ side. It is always easy – and free – to apply for an account with this company, and approval can come very quickly. Once a business has its account, it can begin processing remittances within 24-48 hours, and have real-time access to funds. Charge.com also offers its clients the lowest rates and fees in the industry. Businesses can pay as little as $0.15 for each transaction, and as low as 0.25% for credit card processing. There are no hidden fees, either. Electronics and repair merchants can always count on funds processed by Charge.com to be available and in full, which can really put a jolt into their trade

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