Drycleaners and Laundromats Get Good, Clean Processing from Charge.com

A lot of stains are seen each day by drycleaners and laundromat owners all over this land. Some of the blemishes are only temporary, and will disappear into a cloud of steam and crisp-smelling detergent. Other imperfections are permanent – soaked thoroughly into the fabric and forever tarnishing an item’s appearance. No matter how hard they work, the cleaners simply cannot remove these blots, and their failure to do so could eventually affect the reputations of their businesses.

Bad credit can also stain a dry cleaning or laundromat business’s otherwise pristine record and cause irreparable damage when it comes to payment processing. The companies that process payments for small and independent businesses will often label them as being high risk because of minor flaws in their credit histories. Once a venture has been branded as chancy, the owners could be denied the online merchant account necessary for processing online credit card payments as well as other forms of remittance. If the payment processor does grant the owner a merchant account, the arrangement will most likely come with strings attached.  For example, the business probably will not get its own account to run its credit card payment information through. Instead, the card payments will be put through the processor’s own merchant account, and the business will be charged inflated fees anyway. A credit card processor can also place random holds on the so-called accounts it gives to businesses, which would prevent them from collecting the funds they need to purchase supplies and pay utilities. These kinds of conditions can create a really stinky situation in the workplace – especially for a laundromat operator or drycleaner.

Charge.com is one payment processing company that believes a few blotches on a credit report should not ruin a business’s ability to accept credit cards, handle remittances, or access its own funds. This processor has merchant accounts available for any type of venture – high or low risk – and the rates are easily affordable. Charge.com asks as little as 0.25% for credit card processing and only $0.15 per transaction. Once a client has been approved for an account, they can begin utilizing it within 24-48 hours to process any form of payment they receive from a customer. Online merchant accounts with Charge.com are also private, so there are no onerous third-party fees or holds. Other terrific benefits include:

  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Security
  • Quick approval for merchant accounts
  • Free technology, software, and technical support 24/7/365
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Instant check verification
  • Immediate transaction approval
  • Virtual Terminals – Web-based ordering, processing, invoicing, and bookkeeping all in one
  • Bigger market exposure for small/independent businesses

Clean online credit card processing from Charge.com helps drycleaners and laundromats keep everything operating the way it should – with no huge fees to pay, and no holds stopping them from collecting the funds that are vital to their work. In addition, Charge.com will also provide the technology necessary to process customers’ payments as quick as possible. This is one deal where everyone comes out smelling like a rose.


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