Doctors Can Accept Credit Cards with

Most patients don’t realize that a doctor’s office is actually a business that provides a service. And they don’t realize that, as a patient, they are a customer of that business. As a doctor, you need to stay on top of the latest information being published in the medical news. As a business owner, you need to stay on top of the financial aspects of your medical practice.  As such, you need to offer a variety of payment methods, like being able to accept credit cards from your patients.

Because in today’s world, very few people are paying with cash and writing checks is becoming obsolete. So, your medical practice needs a credit card merchant account for the convenience of your patients. Of course, you will need a credit card processing that will make this as easy and inexpensive as possible so your profit margin isn’t significantly affected.

So the search starts where you can set up a merchant account that is the best for your medical practice. You want a credit card processing service that is easy to use for your patients, easy for your back office, and affordable. If you’ve searched the internet and contacted a few different companies, you know that they all seem to be expensive and their services are lacking features that are important to doctors. can get you setup and enabled to accept credit cards in your medical office or on your website in real-time. We provide a simple-to-use web-based credit card processing system that allows doctors to process in-office, phone or website transactions easily and quick.

With, you won’t only lower your cost of doing business, but you’ll receive the latest cutting-edge equipment and software too.  And you’ll have toll-free phone support, around the clock, 24/7/365. Your merchant account is just as important to you and it is to us too. We are only as successful as our clients!  Let set you up to process credit card payments.

The Features You Get With has been the leader in payment processing for over twenty years. But, if you still think we’re just another credit card processing company, take a look at the features we offer that the other guys don’t:

  • You’ll have ability to accept ALL major credit cards!
  • Our system has a fast setup and no setup fees, saving you money & time.
  • Our pricing plan is simple and straightforward.
  • We’ll supply the card reader, ready to use with your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Online payment processing on your website for medical bill payment.
  • FREE search engine service that can get your website ranked on Bing, Google, and Yahoo search engines.
  • Online transaction management and reporting.
  • SSL certificate to protect online transactions.
  • Your funds are insured by the FDIC.
  • No paper work, no application fees and you can get set up easy & quick with

If you want to start accepting credit cards, or if you’re tired of paying high credit card processing fees, sign up with today. We can make this one part of your business easy so that you have time to do the thing that is most important – helping your patients.

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