Do I need a Merchant Account for my Barber Shop?

There is only one reason you would not need a merchant account for your barber shop; you have all the money you want. If you are content with the status quo and have no aspirations to grow your business then you don’t need a merchant account. Understand though, by not moving forward you are losing business one customer at a time. When considering if you need a merchant account for your barber shop, size and number of employees is not necessarily a factor. The objective is to attract more customers by offering the convenience of paying by credit card. It’s a convenience most customers expect, and it doesn’t inconvenience your cash paying clients. If you are a full service barber shop then you may be offering more than just a haircut. Your services may include shaves, beard, mustache and eyebrow trimming. The full service cost is likely more than the amount of cash most people have in their pocket. More customers might indulge in more services if they can pay by credit card.

Increase Profits with a Merchant Account

Statistics show customers who use a credit card are more likely to make a purchase and also spend more money when they do, as compared with customers who pay cash. If you sell grooming products in your barber shop (and we hope you do), your customers who pay by credit card are statistically more likely to make an impulse purchase of the products. Even if you are the shop owner and barber, your customers may still add a tip to the bill. Instead of that two-dollar change left over when they pay by cash, your tip could increase dramatically when it’s added to the credit card charge. Accepting credit card payments will also allow you to serve customers unable to get to the shop. Using a mobile credit card processor enables you to accept payments from home bound customers, nursing homes and hospitals or at events such as weddings. You can do that and still increase your profits.

Is it Affordable?  

Business owners, especially small owner operators, worry about the cost of accepting credit cards as a payment option. But when you consider that, statistics show that accepting credit cards can lead to an increase in sales of 500% or more, it’s easy to see that accepting credit cards will mare than pay for itself in the long run for almost any business.

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