Credit Card Services from Are a Big Hit with Texas Merchants

Texas is the second largest state in the Union, and a major tourist destination for millions and millions of people each year. It is home to impressive metropolitan areas, state and national historical sites, woods, canyons, deep caverns, lakes, and mountains. Visitors can tour the notable State Capitol in Austin, or head to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio to see some of the nation’s biggest museums, science centers, zoos, theme parks, and shopping emporiums. Many tourists make their way to the sandy beaches of Galveston and Corpus Christi, or slip over the border in El Paso for an afternoon in Mexico. Merchants across the entire state may profit greatly from the fantastic tourism Texas receives – but only if they can accept credit cards and have good credit card processing services. Without them, businesses stand to lose not only customers – they might wind up getting a fraction of the payments from ones that they do have.

Since most travelers only pay with credit cards – to stymie theft and fraud – merchants need to be able to take them, and that requires getting an online merchant account for payment processing. Merchant accounts have to be applied for, however, and can be difficult to get. The credit card processors that manage those accounts could deny a business’s application for a multitude of reasons, and – even if a processor does give a business an account – the terms and conditions that go with it would hardly be in the merchant’s favor. The business might not get an individual account, for example, and have to share the processor’s own merchant account as a third party. This would give complete control of the funds in the account to the processor, and the merchant would have to wait for them to be dispersed – which could take several weeks. In the meantime, the processor could continue to deduct credit card processing fees, transaction costs, and excessive hidden charges from the monies as they sit in the account. When the business winds up getting its funds – there is far less there than anticipated. It is enough to make otherwise stellar businesses burn out all over The Lone Star State.

Fortunately, Texan merchants have a partner in the credit card processing industry – An application for one of their merchant accounts is free and easy to complete. Response time is quick, too. Many applicants receive their approval in just a few days – not a few weeks. Once they have their accounts, clients can begin using them in 24-48 hours, and all processing happens in real-time, so funds are more readily available. also issues private merchant accounts to all clients, so there are no burdensome third-party financial holds. Clients can control the coming and going of funds in their accounts for a change. Other terrific benefits include:

  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Processing rates as low as 0.25%
  • Transaction fees only $0.15
  • No hidden costs
  • Free credit card readers with set-up and 24/7/365 technical support
  • Domestic and International merchant accounts available

Texas’s reputation is huge, and there is an enormous number of people that want to come and get the full experience. Merchants all over the state are standing by – ready to welcome them with legendary Texan hospitality – but they cannot do it alone. That is why is ready and willing to ride to their aid.

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