Credit Card Processing for Your Hair and Nail Salon

Credit card processing is essential for your hair and nail salon. This is especially true if yours is a new business startup. Here’s why: you’re the new kid on the block so you have to be ready to compete with established businesses. It’s likely that those businesses accept credit card payments as a convenience for the 70% of customers who prefer that payment method, according to published studies. There are an estimated 14.4 billion credit cards in circulation throughout the world. That works out to about two credit cards for every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth, based on an estimated world population of 7.5 billion people. Of course, the average is probably much higher in places where there are nail salons, as opposed to, say, some of the more war-torn regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. You want as much of that credit card business as you can get. Businesses that begin to accept credit cards typically see an increase in business of anywhere from 50% to 500% or more. You can’t afford to turn away business just because you don’t accept credit cards.

Here’s another fun fact; when people pay by credit card, not only are they more likely to make a purchase, but, on average, they also tend to spend more on each purchase that they make.

Get What You Need

Your hair and nail salon can’t afford to let 70% of the buying public pass you by. Now, you may feel that you can’t afford to invest in all that hardware, software or other expenses associated with accepting credit cards as payment. Cheer up; it doesn’t have to be that way. If you choose the right merchant account provider, there will be no charge to get your hair and nail salon equipped and set up to accept credit card payments, and the card swiping terminal or software, as well as any training or technical support are also all provided at no extra charge. Now your customers will have options. If they decided to add products and services during their appointment with you, but lack the cash on hand, they can use their credit card.

More benefits

There are other benefits to credit card processing for your hair and nail salon. Your money and your clients’ sensitive information is safe because all transactions are encrypted. By contrast, cash in your drawer is not particularly safe at all! You need cash flow, especially during your startup months. With a good merchant account provider, you will have your money in your bank account within one to three days. That’s a lot quicker than waiting for a check to clear and a lot more dependable too. You know for sure the credit card cleared the moment you swipe it. It could be a week before you know if the checks are going to clear. For accounting purposes, you can pull up a history of a client’s transactions or your total transactions for all clients at any time. You will also have a ready database of customers to contact with special offers and announcements. There are many reasons you will benefit from credit card processing for your hair and nail salon. They all add up to your business success.

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