Credit Card Processing for Ready Mixed Concrete Businesses

For homeowners and commercial property owners, maintenance is an ongoing, almost continuous process. Keeping properties in good condition is not just about aesthetics and safety – a well-maintained property has a high resale value and ensures that prices remain high in the neighborhood.

A simple, effective way to give properties a face-lift is to repair, replace, or construct concrete patios, driveways, and paving. New buildings have similar requirements. Across the construction industry, there is a constant need for swift, efficient and good quality ready-mix concrete suppliers who also offer convenient, safe, and efficient payment options.

Concrete Facts about the Ready Mixed Business

Ready mix concrete is concrete that is delivered in batches to the construction site from a central plant, instead of being mixed on-site. It is customized according to the project requirements and the contractor specifications. It is usually delivered in a semi-solid, pour-ready condition.

Industry statistics back in 2005 reported that American ready-mix concrete business revenues had by then already crossed $27 billion in annual sales. Ready-mix enjoys huge popularity because of its great qualities: it is cost-effective and its strength can be enhanced with the use of reinforcing steel bars. Being in a semi-fluid state, it’s also a versatile material that enables a diverse range of designs and functions that can be molded according to practically any shape and size requirements.

Many of the companies in this sector remain independent single-plant operations. Apart from supply of ready-mix concrete, they may also sell prefabricated concrete products. Today, the industry benefits from several technological advances in automation systems, use of additives and chemical admixtures and the better facilities for logistical coordination for delivering a perishable product at short notice to time-sensitive users in multiple locations.

Industry-Related Challenges

There is a lot of competition to get contracts. Business-owners and independent contractors need to submit written quotations and estimates that provide details about costs, time and labor to prospective clients. Hiring the right labor force for the project, ensuring compliance with local, industry and government regulations, leasing/renting the right equipment, purchasing supplies etc. can take up a big chunk of your time. Customer-satisfaction and quality control are other vital factors.

Being project-based, payment schedules can vary widely. Collecting payments from clients and ensuring that the funds are available in your bank account as soon as possible is top-priority in this business, particularly because rolling funds are the norm.

Benefits of Accepting Card Payments

Remaining well-capitalized is crucial in this industry. Customer satisfaction, creating a high-quality brand with a good reputation while ensuring customer loyalty are other important aspects.

Accepting credit cards offers many positive benefits:

  • Collect onsite and/or offsite
  • staff can collect via mobile terminals
  • Safe gateway for customers
  • Versatile options based on project-based timelines
  • Avoid bad checks and delayed payments
  • Collect customer data and ensure personalization
  • Integrate/Increase incentive/loyalty programs
  • Improve customer experience

Providing easy, convenient, and safe card payment options can streamline your business and help it to move with the times. It’s also a smoother, modern and more efficient payment option that many clients prefer today. Since there are large-volume payments involved, clients welcome the opportunity to avoid storing and carrying large amounts of cash. Partner with the right card processing company for best results.

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