Credit Card Processing for Dry Cleaning Companies

The dry cleaning business is one of the most successful in the United States, especially in big cities, like New York. Everyone wants their personal and work-clothes to be clean, hygienic and smart-looking. If the fabric needs special care, this is an important factor to consider in the cleaning process. Local dry cleaning companies enjoy a huge rate of success and the estimated failure rate is pegged at just 5% in this industry. This is considered to be a high-volume, highly competitive and fast-track business, traditional in many ways, yet serving modern customers with very high expectations.

Apart from delivering efficient and quick services, dry cleaners have to maintain a high level of personalized, on-demand services, often on a priority basis. Customers can be demanding, especially when expensive clothing is involved. There are significant potential points of error and mistakes. Customers also want swift, efficient, secure and easy payment options. Business owners need payment systems that can be scaled according to their needs and can be customized according to their own requirements and preferences.

Must-Have Features for The Dry Cleaning Industry

Merchant services offered to dry cleaners ought to keep the essential aspects of this business in mind.

Safe, swift, reliable payment processing: The nature of interactions in this business are very simple. Drop-off, documentation, scheduling, completion of operation, pick-up, sign-off and payment are the main elements of customer interaction. Customers might typically be on their way to work while dropping the items, and on their way home while picking them up. If you have a home-delivery service, you need a POS system that caters to it.

Credit Card Terminals: These allow customers to pay securely, swiftly and conveniently. They also capture and store important information. Dry cleaning services can also benefit hugely from offering clients virtual terminals that allow payment through any internet-enabled device. These features allow you to process returns, refunds, voids, and cancellations. The latest chip card acceptance systems can be incorporated. Your customers will appreciate the simple and easy ways in which they can conduct business with you.

Flexible Solutions: You may need solutions that can be scaled up as your business expands. Customers may want to pay via their smartphones, online or they may come by in person to collect their dry-cleaning. They expect a seamless experience and if that’s not provided, they can very easily take their business elsewhere to one of your competitors who offers more convenience.

Choosing the Right Credit Card Company

In general, small business owners benefit by focusing on ensuring that the credit card processing company they work with knows and understands the nature of their business. Check on-line reviews and accreditations before you zero in on a card processing partner. If your business has multiple locations, check if the necessary support is available. Look for:

  • Transparency in rates and fees
  • Quality and quantity of data that they return
  • Top-quality customer support at all times (24/7/365)
  • Protection of your data and your customers’ data
  • Easy and quick set-up times
  • Flexible and scalable systems

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