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Construction and engineering outfits are in a tough business. They have to compete with other firms for work, then submit written proposals and budget outlines proving why they are the right choice for the job. Once they are awarded the contracts they are after, the companies have to hire a labor force to do the physical work and expert technicians to handle the more detailed functions. Then, construction and engineering firms have to get the permits and patents they need to build things and operate special machinery. After the necessary paper have been secured, the companies have to purchase all the supplies their employees require to finish their work, and rent the equipment that will be needed to haul materials around and put stuff together. Since they have so much to pay for before they even break ground on a project, these firms need their money to be readily available. That can sometimes be a problem, because the funds they are relying on to pay for their labor and supplies are often unavailable thanks to their credit card processing companies.

The payment processors routinely deny construction and engineering companies the online merchant accounts they need to process payments because these are considered to be high risk ventures. Without their own accounts, the companies are forced to use the processors’ accounts for payment processing, and there are serious drawbacks to doing so. Processors’ often charge their clients exorbitant fees for using their merchant accounts, for example, or they will place random holds on the third-party funds in their accounts and refuse to distribute them for weeks on end. These actions can be ruinous for construction and engineering firms who need to process payments in real-time, so they can get their funds within a matter of hours and put them to use on other jobs.

Happily, is standing by to help construction bosses and engineers get their funds moving again. This is one credit card processor that does not punish their clients for choosing a business that falls into the high risk category. Instead, assist all companies – in high risk industries or low – in obtaining the merchant accounts they need to do fast and thorough payment processing. The application system is devoid of hassles and completely free. Once a company has been selected for approval, it can begin processing payments through its own private merchant account within the next 24-48 hours. also offers their clients some of the lowest rates around. Businesses can pay as little as 0.25% for credit card processing, and only $0.15 per transaction. Other terrific benefits to customers include:

  • Free technology with software and set up
  • Free 24/7/365 expert technical support
  • The latest credit card readers – includes Virtual Terminals that take online orders, process credit card payments, send invoices, and keep records
  • No third-party account holds

Building something to withstand the test of time is tough. Building companies to withstand the test of time is even tougher. With’s help, bus

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