Supports All Size Businesses can support virtually any size business.  We measure size by monthly volume of sales processed through our merchant account services. Unlike other processors, we are able to service large volume businesses.

Card issuers and merchant account service providers take a risk when agreeing to process credit card payments. To minimize the risk, processors tend to limit the volume they will process for new businesses. The factors we consider when setting individual business volume limits include:

  • The length of time you have been in business.
  • Your credit rating when opening our merchant account;
  • Business type you are engaged in;
  • Average amount of each transaction

Credit card companies and merchant services make more money for themselves from high volume businesses. High volume businesses get a break on the processing fees. Everyone involved wants to see your business making a lot of money. Most processors require that you build trust with them over time so they start low and build trust and transaction volume incrementally as your sales grow. merchants can potentially get approved to process high sales volumes, right out of the gate.

A business selling custom napkin rings may ask for a large transaction volume limit based on the previous year’s sales. Business with credit card processing history will typically undergo an evaluation where we will look at how many dissatisfied customers disputed the sale in order to get their money back. Those chargebacks equal losses for card issuers and merchant account providers. We may still offer merchant services, even if the level of chargebacks is high, but some additional requirements might be added, such as requiring the use of 3D Secure and Verified by Visa, which are known to reduce chargebacks.

A business, regardless of size, offering honest business dealings will build trust with theie credit card processor.

  • They sell a good product or service that customers find satisfactory.
  • There are minimum chargebacks.
  • Sales are increasing.
  • Credit reports are stable

This merchant has the potential to grow his business so we will support him with our Merchant Services. We know him to be trustworthy and responsible so we hope his business grows into the largest of its kind in the country. makes a tiny bit of money each time a merchant runs a transaction, so we are highly incentivized is to help merchants conduct as many sales as possible.

So, whether your sales volume is big or small, is here to support you.

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