Stops Bad Payment Processing from Taking the Fun Out of Summer

Each summer, millions of summer and recreational camps open up all over the United States. They are supposed to be places of great amusement – where kids and adults can romp about in stunning natural settings, have new experiences, and create things that are both functional and artistic. In fact, summer camps are something many look forward to all year long. This all depends on the locations leased, permits bought, supplies purchased, and food provided by the owners/operators of the camps, however. The one who fails to deliver on these will have some very unhappy campers on his/her hands – and will probably be giving out a lot of refunds.

Why would some camp operators fail to put money into their businesses – even to ensure that they had future business? The answer is that they may not have gotten their funds in time. Even though many summer and recreational camps ask their customers to pay up front for their camping events, (so they can use the money to buy necessities), they have to run their payment information through an account they access through payment processors. Some processors do not give each of their clients an individual account, though. Instead, the processors force the clients to process all of their payments through the processors’ own merchant accounts, and charge exorbitant fees. The processors can also hold onto the funds deposited in their merchant accounts, and sit on them for lengthy periods of time before distributing them to the proper ventures. Restrictions like these can put a real damper on everyone’s good time.

As luck would have it, there is one processor ready to break up the gloomy clouds of terrible payment processing and put some sunshine back into summer camp season. provides each of their clients with their own online merchant account for processing, so there are no random holds placed on their funds and they can get their money sooner. also asks as little as 0.25% for credit card processing, and only $0.15 per transaction, so camp owners will not see their funds eaten up by excessive fees. Once they have obtained their account, (the application process is quick, free, and extremely easy), merchants can begin processing their payments within 24-48 hours. Other advantages to choosing include:

  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Accounts can be secured with PIN/EIN numbers
  • Free software set up
  • Latest card readers available – including mobile ones for smartphones and tablets
  • Virtual Terminals – take customers’ orders, do online credit card processing, send invoices, and keep detailed records with one Web-based terminal
  • Free expert technical support 24/7/365
  • Immediate transaction approval
  • Instant check verification
  • High risk merchant accounts available knows that being underfunded can ruin a camp owner’s ability to provide the best experience for his/her guests. Without real-time access to all of their money, there is a very good chance of that happening. Using the amazing merchant services from will guarantee that funds are available, and a good time is had by all.

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