Puts Your Business in the Forefront

Your business is extremely important to you. You have watched over it carefully ever since it got its start, and now, it is finally starting to take off. You have amassed all the ingredients for success like hardworking employees, reliable vendors, and loyal customers. Everyone seems to be taking your business, its goals, and its promotion seriously – except perhaps your credit card payment processing company. It may be sending mixed messages to your clients by putting its name on their billing statement – instead of yours. This can be rather unprofessional, as it gives the impression that your company is not in control of its own finances, or that you have to answer to a parent company. It may only be the tip of the iceberg with your credit card processor, too. Your processor could also be processing your remittances through its own merchant account while charging you for an independent one. As a third-party account user, your access to your own money could be tightly restricted. You might be waiting days longer than you have to for the funds that are vital to your business. Your processor might tack hidden fees onto your bill for services, as well. This means that your money is gradually being siphoned off as its accruing, and – when you do the math – there is not as much in your account as there should be. Again, this is rather unprofessional behavior from the payment processing company that is supposed to have your business’s financial health as a top priority.

At, your company always comes first. There is no application fee for business owners who want an independent online merchant account that can process all forms of payment. Replies are received quickly, too – you will hear back on your request within a matter of days as opposed to weeks. has completely private accounts, so you can access your deposited funds in only a few hours with no lengthy third-party holds to wait out. As the primary holder on the account, your business’s name will appear on your customers’ credit card statements – not This reinforces your position as the one directing your business – not your processor or some remote parent corporation. It will put your customers at ease about your business’s financial standing, as well.

In addition to providing you with an entirely independent account for card services, will also charge you the lowest rates possible for your credit card processing. You could pay as little as 0.25% for it, and only $0.15 for each transaction handled in real-time. There are no hidden fees of any kind, either. All charges to be made to your account will be determined when it is opened – not after. will never levy any obscure dues against your funds when you are not looking, so the money you are counting on will always be there when you need it. Putting your company ahead in the payment processing industry – it is just business as usual at

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