Provides Merchants with 21 Years of Stellar Processing Services

August 11, 2016 was just like any other day across the United States of America. The sun was shining. Bees were buzzing. Birds were singing. People were crisscrossing the nation in search of fun and adventure as the last four weeks of summer. There were barbecues, pool parties, picnics, and even celebratory fireworks somewhere. It was a great day, and – for the country’s merchants – it was a little more special than others. Because on August 11, 2016, – the nation’s leading credit card processing company – turned 21, and commemorated more than two decades of providing businesses of all sizes – from coast to coast – with the best credit card services available. The glow of this company’s success shows no signs of fading anytime soon, either.

When started in the credit card processing industry all those years ago, many other processors routinely took advantage of their clients who needed credit card merchant services. Those processors would charge businesses exorbitant amounts of money for credit card processing and transaction management, provide little-to-no technology or support, and trick clients into sharing merchant accounts as third-party users. This meant businesses were paying too much for too little, and unable to fully use their merchant accounts as they needed to. As third-party account holders, they could forward transactions for processing and deposits, but could not take out funds. Instead, they had to wait for the processors to release their money from lengthy seizures, and pay hidden fees that ate away at their profits. adopted a different business strategy, and made it a goal to provide their customers with the best credit card payment processing services and the most affordable rates possible. This processor gives each if its clients an individual merchant account, with no third-party strings attached. All transactions are processed in real-time. Businesses can access their funds within a matter of hours after making a deposit – not weeks later, after a financial hold has been lifted. There is also better security with private account from, because the user does not have to worry about another user on the account having their information stolen. No processor offers its clients better pricing for processing, either. Businesses can pay rates as low as 0.25%, and only pennies for each transaction. also eschews hidden fees. All costs are up front and reviewed with clients at the time an account is opened. believes that the best processing can only happen with access to the fastest and most accurate technology. That is why this processor provides their clients with credit card terminals from the leading manufacturers, the latest in Internet processing software, and sets everything up for free. Expert technical support is also available to clients 24/7/365 at no additional cost.  In addition to online payment gateways, customers can have in-store credit card swipe machines, mobile credit card readers, and even Virtual Terminals that do absolutely everything – take orders online, process all forms of payment in real-time, create and submit invoices, and keep detailed records for the accountants. Delivering the best in online payment processing has won many compliments from the industry’s top reviewers, and it is how this payment processing company intends to continue well into the future.

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