Provides Credit Card Processing Services for Businesses in Mali

When you accept credit cards on the web, it’s great for your business and for your customers. As a business owner in Mali, it’s important to offer your customers the ability to play with plastic because it’s convenient for them. But providing this service is also beneficial for your business by boosting sales.  If you don’t have this service yet, you can open a merchant account with We provide all types of merchant accounts for small businesses, including high risk merchant accounts.

Enjoy a quick and easy application process. At, we understand that you’re busy running your own company. For this reason, we provide a simple application program. It’s fast and easy to submit an online application. We also offer fast approval rates for online merchant accounts. We accept all types of companies including ecommerce companies and businesses with poor credit and even bankruptcy.

Receive products and services tailored to your company. Once you have an account with us, you will be pleased to know that we offer customizable solutions for your unique business. For instance, if you operate an ecommerce company, you will need ecommerce credit card processing software. We can provide you with that type of software free of charge. We also offer electronic keypad terminals for brick-and-mortar shops. Do you run a mobile business? We also offer mobile credit card processing equipment for companies on the go. To learn more, please visit Payment Solutions, Inc.

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