Provides Affordable Credit Card Processing in Zambia

If you run a business in Zambia, you can now take advantage of low credit card processing rates through It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate. Whether you own a restaurant, a beauty salon, or a construction business, our online merchant accounts make it possible for all types of companies in Zambia to process credit cards without paying high rates. We can even help companies with poor credit scores. Read on to learn more.

At, we work hard to provide quality credit card processing services to companies around the world, including businesses in Zambia. When you open an internet merchant account with our company, you get more than the ability to process payments on the web. You get some of the lowest rates in industry for retail, mail order, and internet merchants. We have affordable transactions fees that make it possible for all types of companies to accept credit cards for their products and services. 

Our full suite of services includes payment processing solutions for online companies, face-to-face companies, and mobile businesses. In addition to low rates, we are proud to offer companies in Zambia some great products, such as the latest internet processing software on the market, an electronic keypad terminal (for face-to-face companies), and wireless credit card processing for companies on the go.

Are you ready to open a merchant account with us? Opening a merchant account with is fast, easy, and free! Simply sign up using the online form on our website – and we will contact you. We have high approval rates, so chances are you will get approved. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Payment Solutions, Inc.

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