Payment Solutions, Inc. Now Offers Wireless Credit Card Processing in Laos Payment Solutions, Inc. is now offering their services to every country in the world excluding Cuba, Syria, Iran and North Korea. This means that those who use credit cards in Laos can now take advantage of the amazing worldwide service that can offer. Currently, Visa is the top credit card used in Laos, with MasterCard and American Express credit card services offered at the majority of banks in more established towns  such as Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Big hotels , restaurants and souvenir shops are also accepting credit cards. If you are doing business in Laos, especially dealing with tourism or any other international relation, accepting credit cards is necessary to gain an edge on competitors.

Wireless credit card processing is incredibly convenient in areas that have high cell phone tower use, and not much connectivity by land. Even the most rural areas can have access to cell phone reception as long as there is a cell phone tower nearby. offers merchant services that cater to this increasingly global trend in mobile devices. If you are a businessperson in Laos, consider using for your mobile credit card processing needs.

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