Offers Wireless Credit Card Processing in Rwanda

Do you own a mobile business in Rwanda? Congratulations! is now offering wireless credit card processing services for companies in Rwanda. How does this affect your business? Through wireless credit card processing, you can now accept credit cards and debit cards no matter where your business takes you. With the ability to get paid while on the road, you are sure to increase your cash flow and watch your business grow.

Customers love paying with plastic. But up until recently mobile merchants could only accept cash or checks while on the road. The problem is that most people don’t carry cash anymore. And, as many business owners know too well, checks can bounce. But now you can get paid via credit card even while on the road! offers mobile credit card processing solutions for all types of businesses, including companies with poor credit scores. We can even make it possible for you to get paid simply by using your smart phone. Our mobile credit card solutions make it possible for mobile businesses to eliminate the need to send invoices and avoid receiving bad checks. Our wireless processing solution for global payments works with the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and other cell phones.

If you want to accept credit cards while on the road, we invite you to open a merchant account with We don’t charge to process your application. If you’re approved, we offer free setup and a wide range of software and global credit card processing tools to help get you started. To learn more, please contact Payment Solutions, Inc.

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