Offers Ultra-low Service Fees and Many Freebies

Online merchant accounts can get expensive, especially if the credit card processor charges a fee for just about every service under the sun.  This is often the case with most merchant account providers, but not We are open and honest about our service fees, ranging from the merchant account application fee (which is free, by the way) to our online payment processing transaction fees. Here’s a look at some of the ultra-low service fees and freebies that we offer to our merchant account holders.

When it comes to complimentary services, leads the industry, starting with a free application fee. It’s true, we do not charge a penny for the merchant account application fee; however, most companies charge a non-refundable fee of $95 to $250.

We also offer: free setup of debit and credit card processing, a $45 to $150 value; free checks by web, phone, and fax, a $300 value; a complimentary web shopping cart, a $300 value; and free setup of major credit cards, such as Discover and American Express.

In addition to a host of free services, we offer the lowest rates in the industry on transaction fees. Standard industry fees are 30 to 45 cents per transaction; however, charges as low as 15 cents per transaction. Our retail discount rates are super-low; in fact, our rates are 50% lower than the rates charged by other processors. 

Whether you need wireless credit card processing or an electronic keypad terminal, you can trust Payment Solutions, Inc. to provide ultra-low service fees and plenty of complimentary perks.

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