Offers Terrific Benefits to New York Merchants

If there is a top tourist destination in the United States, New York must be it. The Empire State is home to just under 20 million people, but it plays host to over 100 million more each year. While many of those fine folks are headed to New York City for some the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in the world, but there is still plenty of fun available to tourists statewide. Visitors can see the impressive State buildings in Albany, or walk through picturesque Highland Park in Rochester. The majestic Niagara Falls always take tourists’ breath away, and – for a truly relaxing vacation – there is nothing like the peace and quiet of the Adirondack Mountains and the Finger Lakes. It turns out that no matter what part of the state you are in – there is always something fascinating to see or do.

Merchants in New York benefit greatly from its awe-inspiring tourism industry, which brings in hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Businesses that cannot accept credit cards, however, may not see such a monetary windfall. This is because most travelers do not carry cash or checks anymore, and also avoid using ATMs far from home due to fraud concerns. Instead, tourists prefer to put all of their expenses on their credit cards, and usually only go to merchants that accept them. The inability to offer card services to customers is often fatal for businesses trying to keep up in New York’s extremely competitive hospitality trade, and almost all merchants do seek credit card processing services for their businesses. They simply have a hard time obtaining the necessary merchant accounts from credit card processors that manage and grant them. Processors often deny businesses applying for their own merchant accounts for various reasons, and either give them the option of going without credit card services, or using the processors’ own merchant accounts for payment management. If a business decides to use its processor’s account as a third party, then it will be subject to strict conditions. The business will not be able to take funds from the account at will, for example, and pay exorbitant fees and rates for credit card processing. This is hardly a good deal for merchants anywhere in the state.

Fortunately, is one processor that believes everyone deserves great deals on Internet merchant accounts. The application for one is entirely free and easy to complete. Businesses do not have to wait weeks and weeks for approval – they can receive it in just a few days. Once a business is cleared for an account, it can begin processing payments within 24-48 hours, and there are no third-party holds or high fees to bear. also provides all clients with free credit card reader technology, set-ups, and expert technical support that is available 24/7/365. Other great reasons to use include the following:

  • PIN/EIN secured accounts
  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Rates as low as 0.25%
  • Transaction fees as little as $0.15

It takes a lot to compete in the race for New York’s tourism dollars. Contending businesses should feel confident that their money is secure and available, and will not evaporate into fees or holds. is standing by to make sure New York merchants have access to all of their funds, and that promise is as solid as the Empire State Building.


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