Offers High Risk Merchant Accounts for Cameroon Businesses

If you own a high-risk business in Cameroon, you might have a difficult time opening a merchant account. You might have been rejected in the past because of the type of business you own or if you have a poor credit score. High risk merchant accounts are also very expensive. Even if you do get approved for a merchant account, you’re sure to end up paying high credit card processing fees simply because you’re considered a high-risk business. But there is good news. makes it possible for high-risk companies in Cameroon to open online merchant accounts without having to pay outrageous prices.

What types of businesses do we accept? When it comes to high risk, we accept all types of e-commerce companies. We also accept companies with poor credit scores. Whether you have a low score or you’ve filed bankruptcy, we encourage you to apply for a merchant account through our company. We have a very high approval rate, which means chances are you will be approved and can start processing credit cards online.

At, we believe that every entrepreneur deserves the chance to open the business of his or her dreams. With our affordable high risk merchant services providers, you can provide your customers with easy and convenient payment options on the web. We offer Internet credit card processing software as well as mobile payment software. To get started, please contact Payment Solutions, Inc.

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