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It is a fact: Americans love to look good. That is why they spend billions of dollars each year at their local nail and hair salons. They have their hair shampooed and conditioned, or cut and colored. They can have their nails manicured, pedicured, sculpted, and polished in every sheen known to mankind. Most salons offer their clientele the latest in skin care, too. Customers can get facials made with antioxidant-rich organic ingredients, relaxing deep muscle massages, and have body hair removed via waxing or the threading technique. Hair and nail salons truly are a boon to a nation that takes pride in its appearance, however, many of them are routinely exposed to the ugly side of doing business – bad payment processing. Some of them are paying too much to have their payment transactions handled – especially their credit card payments. Others are in an even worse predicament, and cannot accept credit cards at all. It is rough treatment, indeed.

The problem arises when hair and nail salons apply for merchant accounts. They need online merchant accounts in order to process credit card payments, and they have to go through credit card processors to obtain those accounts. Processors can deny business applicants for the smallest reasons, and without the account – there is no ability to process credit card payments. Even if a processor does decide to open a merchant account for a business, it can come with some pretty strict terms. The rates and fees can be excessively high, for example, and the account may not be a private one. The card processing system might make the business to share its merchant account as a third-party user, instead. This allows the processor to control the flow of funds going in and out of the account, and to place holds on those monies at will. The business may wind up waiting weeks and weeks for the processor to disperse its funds, only to find a hefty chunk of them gone to pay fees and credit card processing rates. For some salons, this is more serious than a whole handful of broken nails – it can be fatal. is one processor that is ready, willing, and able to give hair and nail salons the VIP treatment they truly deserve. It is easy to apply for a merchant account – the application process is entirely free, and it takes no time at all to complete. Once a business has gained approval, it only has to wait 24-48 hours before it can begin processing all forms of remittances in real-time. Best of all, allots an individual merchant account to each client, so there is no crippling third-party financial activity to stop the flow of funds. Businesses can access their money quickly – which is vital for paying employees and suppliers. Other exquisite benefits include:

  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Better security
  • Free technology – including credit card readers for both in-store and online usage
  • Free technical set up for clients
  • Free expert support available 24/7/365
  • Most affordable rates in the credit card processing industry

It takes a lot to keep America stunning, and salons across the country do their very best. When they have terrific credit card processing and fast access to their funds, their task becomes a lot easier. They can keep up with an ever-growing demand for services with help from

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