Offers Great Technical Support to Small/Independent Merchants

It is one of the worst nightmares suffered by merchants – something has gone wrong with the software operating the terminals that accept credit card payments, and they are unable to take any information. It is agonizing as – with each swipe or click – the terminals refuse to acknowledge the payment data being presented to them. Even worse, they could begin processing payments, and then suffer an error and lose all of the credit card information, so the merchant’s money is gone in the blink of an eye. These are not scenarios any business owner wants to think about, but – unfortunately – they occur every day and they are harrowing for anyone who has to deal with them. The frustration of watching the credit card readers suddenly malfunction is compounded by the despair of realizing that – until the problem is expertly addressed – the business cannot accept credit cards, and will probably see a big reduction in sales because most customers put all of their purchases on plastic.

For large corporations that process remittances at a staggering rate, such software glitches are annoying, but not uncommon. That is why they have IT departments standing at the ready to combat them. For small and independent business owners, the malfunctions can be potentially devastating if they go on long enough, but – alas – there is no team of technology-savvy people to tackle it for them. They have to call the credit card processing company that issued the software for the credit card readers, and find out why they are not working. Some processors will refer clients having technical issues to third-party technical support companies, or charge them exorbitant fees to have their own tech-support staff to tackle them. This leaves hapless business owners in the position of having to shell out money to stop losing money.

Fortunately for merchants fed up with the support from their current processor, is here to help. Not only does this processor provide its customers with free credit card reader technology, and then set up the software to run it (also at no cost), but it has a professional team of technical support staff that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to assist those who are having credit card terminal woes. These experts can walk any small or independent business owner through restoring card services to customers, and their help is gratis, so no outrageous bills from a support team will arrive in the mail. Other amazing benefits accessible by customers include the following:

  • Free application process
  • FDIC Insured merchant accounts
  • Improved security
  • Credit card processing rates as low as 0.25%
  • Transactions at only $0.15 each
  • Instant e-check verification
  • Immediate transaction approval
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Domestic and international merchant accounts available
  • Bigger market exposure for small and independent businesses

It can be tough for small businesses to keep up of the competition – especially when it means they have to be able to access the best technological services. Since they lack IT departments, these companies often lag behind. With help from the technical support team at, they can finally leap out ahead.

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