Makes Good Credit Card Processing Fashionable

Clothing retailers around the world know how fickle the fashion industry can be. One moment, there is a lot of buzz surrounding a particular style or designer. The next moment – that style has become passe, or the industry is no longer paying attention to that designer. This can be tricky to navigate. If retailers purchase too much stock based on what is popular at the moment and the public falls out of love with it, then they are stuck with clothes that they cannot move unless they slash prices. Sometimes, those prices are reduced to the point that the retailers are actually selling their wares at a loss. The best way for clothing vendors to prevent this from happening is by diversifying their stores. Instead of placing all their faith in one distinct style or creator, they need to buy different articles from multiple sources to ensure that they have clothes that will please most people and boost their sales.

Building a network of reliable garment manufacturers is not easy, however. It requires fluid lines of credit, quick payment processing, and fast fund depositing to keep everything working. Unfortunately, not all payment processors recognize this. Many of them purposely put all of their clients onto one merchant account for processing, and this slows everything down. Once they have several businesses on a single account, the processors can then enact lengthy financial holds that prevent the account’s funds from being distributed. Even worse, as the monies sit waiting for disbursement the credit card processing companies snip away at them with hidden fees. Weeks later – when the merchants finally get their cash – they find that they have far less than expected. This puts clothing retailers in a real bind, because they have manufacturers and delivery companies to pay in addition to their shop employees. If they do not have the money – they do not receive their merchandise, and they have nothing to display for their customers.

Clothing vendors can cover all of their bases, though, by utilizing the merchant card services provided by This processor never bundles its clients up. Every company receives its own private merchant account, so there are no long, unnecessary seizures of funds. Deposits take only two or three days to appear – not weeks. Customers can also see their funds deposited faster by applying for Next Day Funding. Those who qualify may get their money in just one business day. There are no surprise deductions during processing with, because all the costs are determined for clients when they first open their merchant accounts. In addition, offers its customers the best rates and fees in the industry. Merchants can pay as low as 0.25% for credit card processing, and as little as $0.15 for each transaction. Clients can save more than just money with – they can save time, as well, by using the processor’s patented Virtual Terminal technology. The Virtual Terminal allows them to take and place orders online, process all forms of payment (including checks and money orders), send invoices, and keep detailed records for tax purposes. With all this coverage from, clothing retailers will never have to worry about their businesses coming apart at the seams.


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