Keeps Colorado Merchants on Cloud Nine

High above the rest of the Lower 48 floats the beautiful state of Colorado. It is home to almost half of the majestic Rocky Mountain Range which contain some of the tallest summits in the western half of the contiguous United States, including the indomitable Mount Elbert, Pikes Peak, and Longs Peak. Nature is not slouching about in the rest of the Centennial State, either. Visitors gaze in awe at the phenomenal Garden of the Gods, listen to concerts in the Red Rock Amphitheatre, fly past the Seven Falls, and explore ancient cliff-dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park. Colorado is also very popular with snow bunnies. Skiing enthusiasts from all over the world show up to hit the slopes around Aspen Mountain, Winter Park Resort, Eldora Mountain, Arapaho Basin, and Steamboat Ski Resort. Folks that are done reveling in Colorado’s homegrown splendor can head into the cities to enjoy hanging out with some more exotic organisms. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Denver Zoo, Wild Animal Sanctuary, and Colorado Gators Reptile Park house spectacular fauna from all over the world. There are plenty of man-made thrills in Colorado, too. Hot spots such as Elitch Gardens Theme Park and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park contain the latest and greatest in amusement park attractions such as rollercoasters, water slides, and zip-lines.

Thousands and thousands of people flock to Colorado every year for these and other numerous fascinations. No matter why they are touring the state, visitors will almost undoubtedly be paying with plastic because it is the safest method to use during travel. Colorado businesses that do not accept credit cards will find themselves passed over for competitors that do, so most aim to offer merchant card services but getting them can be tricky. In order to process credit card payments, the businesses have to apply to credit card processing companies for merchant accounts. Once they have received their accounts they can accept any form of payment that they want – however, businesses often discover that working with some payment processors can be stifling. Some processors might place lengthy third-party holds on their clients’ accounts, for example, and slow the deposit of funds down to a trickle. Others frequently subject their customers to steep rate increases and hidden charges, or keep costs low by providing little-to-no technology or support. It can be tough for merchants to discern which payment processors really do offer the best rates and benefits, and which are just blowing smoke. is one credit card processor that does not believe in misleading customers with hazy contract language and subpar services. For over 20 years, this processing company has led the industry in providing businesses across the nation with affordable rates and excellent merchant services. They furnish each of their clients with a private merchant account so there is no third-party interference with fund distribution, and they never surprise their clients with hidden charges. All costs are determined at the time an account is opened, and sudden rate hikes do not occur. Customers can have rates as low as 0.25% for processing, and pay as little as $0.15 for each transaction on their account. also offers its customers state-of-the-art credit card machines, (for both mobile and in-store usage), and has an expert support staff available 24/7/365 should a customer need some technical assistance. With, the quality and prices for processing are crystal-clear, and for merchants in Colorado – that is a breath of fresh air.

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