Is the Perfect Solution for Plumbers’ Merchant Account Woes

Let’s face it – plumbers do not have glamorous jobs. They do have gushing jobs, however, and jobs that ooze and drip. They have jobs that erupt, flood all over, and just plain sit, too. There is nothing pleasant about any of their work except perhaps receiving payment at the end of it, but even that is a task. Many plumbers only take checks, cash, or money orders out in the field, because they have no way to process credit cards on the go or otherwise. This means they have to submit invoices, take the paper remittances to the bank, and wait days to get paid, which can slow things down like a nasty clog. A lot of customers also prefer to pay with credit. They usually pass on even hiring anyone that does not accept credit cards, so some plumbers can see their business slow to a trickle due to their inability to take plastic.

A simple solution for those plumbers would be to open a merchant account with a reputable payment processor, get mobile credit card processing devices, and get to work. It can be tricky to find just the right credit card processor, though. A lot of them do not give business clients their own merchant accounts. Instead, they process the clients’ credit card payments through their own merchant account, and charge steep prices for doing so. Some processors also refuse merchant services to small businesses or ones they consider to be high risk, (due to bad credit, new business, high volume, etc.), and others that do accept such clients can withhold deposits from their accounts for weeks.

Fortunately, for plumbers looking to land their own merchant accounts, is here to help. It is free to apply, and they offer easy accessibility to services even if the client is currently considered high risk. Once the plumbers have received their accounts, they can being processing online through mobile payment systems in 24 hours without having to worry about financial holds or having to pay exorbitant fees to their processors. also offers some of the best rates in the payment processing business. Credit card processing starts as low as 0.25%, and customers pay as little as $0.15 per transaction. Other reasons why is perfect for the business needs of plumbers include the following:

  • Accounts are FDIC Insured
  • Payment processing technology and software included
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Card reader included for mobile processing – works with smartphones, computer/laptops, tablets
  • Instant online check verification and transaction approval
  • Available Virtual Terminals process single and recurring payments, keep detailed transaction records, and generate invoices
  • Technical support is included

This means no more waiting and wondering when pay will arrive. Just swipe the card, now the money is in the bank, and it is time to move on to the next job. Working with keeps the funds flowing smoothly, so plumbers can focus on making pipes do the same.

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