Introduces Pennsylvania Merchants to the Sweet Life

There is a lot to love about visiting Pennsylvania. The state is home to Philadelphia – one of the original hotbeds of the American Revolution and the cradle of the Constitution – as well as Pittsburgh, an up-and-coming city filled with impressive skyscrapers, restaurants, monuments, and green spaces. Tourists in the Quaker State can spend some time hiking in beautiful Cherry Springs State Park, explore the fascinating Indian Echo Caverns, or stroll over one of several historical battlefields like Gettysburg or Fort Necessity. They can head to Lancaster and take in the sights, shopping, and cuisine of Pennsylvania Dutch country, or stop by the town of Hershey to see the stunning Hershey Gardens and ride the rollercoasters at Hershey Park. Merchants in these areas (and all over the state) can make a lot of money on the tourism trade, but only if they have the twin pillars of great fund control – that is the ability to accept credit cards and good credit card processing. Without these, merchants can simply watch their money slip through their fingers.

Since most travelers put all their expenses on their credit cards, businesses need to be able to accept them. It is not always easy to gain that capability, however. In order to process credit card payments – either online or in-store – a business needs to have an online merchant account, and to obtain that account, the business will have to go through a credit card processing company. The processing company will probably not give the business an individual account, though. Instead, it will let the business use the processor’s own merchant account to run payment information, and charge the business higher fees for the privilege of remaining on the account. The business will not have any control over – nor real-time access to – the funds collected, because it is a third-party user. It will have to wait for the processor to clear the funds in the account and then release them – a system that could take weeks. As the money sits, it could also be subjected to obscure charges by the processor. When the business finally gets its funds, there may be far less than expected. This kind of treatment from credit card processors has left many Pennsylvania merchants with a bitter taste in their mouths, and a decision to make – whether to bother accepting credit cards or not.

Luckily, is a processor that believes in making credit card services sweet for merchants everywhere. Its online application is free to submit, and takes virtually no time to fill out. A quick response is often received, and – once approved – a business can start processing payments through its individual account in as little as 24-48 hours. All transactions happen in real-time, too. With no third-party holds to wait out, clients can access their money as quickly as they need. also offers clients the lowest rates in the industry. Businesses can pay as little as 0.25% for credit card processing, and only $0.15 for each transaction. Best of all, there are no hidden fees that eat away at clients’ funds. The rates quoted to a customer by are what is due – period – so there is never a discrepancy between the business’s books and what is actually in the account. Merchants all over the state can rejoice with these – and many other – award-winning processing innovations from


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