Helps Companies in Niger Increase Sales

If you own a business in Niger, we can help you increase your sales by processing credit cards online. offers credit card processing services for businesses in Niger and around the world. With a fast, easy, and free application process, it’s never been more convenient to apply for a merchant account. Our online merchant accounts provide businesses with a large selection of products and services designed to simplify your online business. Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive when you open a merchant account with

An affordable way to accept payments online: Small business owners are constantly hit with high credit card processing fees. This is especially true for companies with high risk merchant accounts. However, has some of the lowest rates in the industry! We offer low rates on credit card processing as well as other payment methods, such as debit cards, checks, phone orders, and face-to-face orders. With an online merchant account, you gain access to our low rates and fees.

Free search engine submission: Just because you can process payments through your website doesn’t mean your customers will be able to find your site. Among our many services, we offer free search engine submissions for companies who open a merchant account through This means that your website will be submitted to the major search engines on the web, making your site more accessible to customers around the world.

To learn more about our products and services, please contact Payment Solutions, Inc.

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