Helps Business Consultants Take Control of Their Businesses

Business consultants spend a lot of their time making other peoples’ businesses their business. They learn everything they possibly can about their clients’ ventures. They tour workplaces, talk to employers and employees, analyze financials, determine where changes need to be made, and then implement those changes. They even do some of the dirty work, like terminating positions. Their aim is to help the organizations they advise improve efficiency and performance – and upon reaching those goals – business consultants may collect their funds and move on to the next pressing client. There is just one piece of unfinished business – who is helping the consultants improve the speed and effectiveness of their payment processing?

Many consultants are small and independent business owners, which is enough to earn them a high risk rating from most credit card processing companies. Once they have been labeled as such, the consultants will encounter difficulties obtaining online merchant accounts that they could use to accept credit cards and other forms of payment. The payment processors might flat out deny the consultants those accounts, for example. If they do give the consultants merchant accounts, the processors usually charge excessive fees for using them. A lot of processors also do not grant individual accounts to small and independent businesses. Instead, those businesses have to run their payments through a processor’s own merchant account as a third-party user. Since their funds are essentially deposited into their processing company’s account, the businesses have to wait on the company to release them, and – too often – the company will place holds on the funds without warning. This leaves the businesses with little to no money to conduct business, and as any consultant will tell you – that is not good for operations.

Fortunately, is one payment processing company that understands people who guide businesses need to get paid, too. They make it easy for any venture – high risk or low – to get a merchant account as well as advanced payment gateway services. Their application process is completely free, and businesses can get approved very quickly. Once a business has been granted approval, it will receive its own private merchant account to use for online credit card processing, and it can begin processing all forms of payment within 24-48 hours. The business also will not pay any onerous third-party charges for the privilege of having access to a merchant account, or have to wait for ludicrous periods of time to get its funds. Other innovative advantages to using’s merchant services include the following:

  • Free technology, software set up, and 24/7/365 technical support
  • PIN and EIN secured accounts
  • FDIC Insured accounts
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Instant check verification and transaction approval
  • More market exposure for small and independent business owners knows that business consultants are occupied with steering two ships at once – their clients’ and their own. That leaves them little time to worry about finding the best and most affordable merchant credit card processing. That is why is there to provide them with low rates and the latest, fastest technology – so they can get back to paying attention to other people’s business.

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