Helps Bicycle Sale/Repair Shops Coast to Success

Thanks to the growing concern about environmental and physical health, bicycling is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to driving short – and sometimes, even extremely long – distances. Folks using bikes as their main mode of transportation are looking for the perfect hybrids – which need to be durable-yet-stylish, and lightweight enough to stow and travel easily. Each year, millions of people visit shops and websites to search for new bicycles. They look at the shiny frames, take in the wheel sizes, and contemplate customizing the bikes with softer seats and ergonomic-grip handlebars for a comfier ride. They can find all of the cycling-related accessories that they will need at the bike merchants’, too – including designer helmets, shoes, clothing, and mobile lighting fixtures. Bicycle repair shops and sites selling replacement parts have also seen an uptick in business these days. Weather-beaten roads and drastic terrain changes can be hard on bikes, and – just like cars – they require routine maintenance to keep rolling along smoothly.

All of this means the purveyors of today’s cycles – and the mechanics who put them back together – are extremely busy. Bike sellers have to stay abreast of the most recent trends in model popularity and cycle-world fashion, then stock their stores and train their sales staff frequently to make sure they are up to date. Repair shops must keep their supply levels high, too. They have to have parts – not only for the latest bikes – but ones for older versions, as well. This means that they must maintain good lines of credit with multiple parts suppliers across the continent – and in cases of customization and special orders – around the world. To keep their businesses properly outfitted, these merchants need their funds to be replenished with some speed. The vast majority of them accept credit cards in the hopes of seeing a quick return on their money, but that does not always occur. In order to offer card services to their customers, the bike shops have to open merchant accounts with credit card processors. Many processors advertise low rates, straightforward fees, and fast deposits – but these promises often fall flat. The payment processors inflate their rates, charge hidden fees as often as they can, and bundle all their clients onto one account so they can enact random financial holds. When the bicycle merchants finally get their funds, there is not enough to pay for both employees and parts. This makes business slow-going, and leave many shops unable to compete in an industry that is moving into the fast lane.

Fortunately, is one processor that recognizes businesses thrive when they can keep moving. This company offers its clients the lowest rates for payment processing, and never levies obscure costs against their merchant accounts. Each account is private, too. This means customers do not have to wait out lengthy detentions of their funds. Clients usually see their funds deposited in only a few days – not a few weeks. Many also qualify for Next Day Funding, and see their money put into their accounts in just one business day. These kinds of merchant services can be a great boon to bike shops everywhere. With their funds coming in on time thanks to, bicycle tradespersons across America can watch their businesses enjoy a smooth ride to success.

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