Has Great Solutions for Nursing Homes and Elder Care Companies

Nursing home and elder care companies provide a vital service to their communities – supporting some of the most vulnerable citizens. The work can be quite difficult, and the days are often filled with incredible joy and immense sadness at the same time. Care companies are responsible for giving senior citizens shelter, food, entertainment, counseling, physical therapy, and non-surgical medical services, and providing these take up many of the hours company owners spend on-site. They also have to bill their clients’ estates, or specific government agencies for these provisions, however, and that often involves creating detailed invoices that itemize the care received. Once they have sent out the invoices, the owners have to collect the paper remittances mailed to them, and then take them to the bank to be deposited. The dual obligations of caring for clients and taking care of business often compete for the owners’ time, and make it hard for them to get everything done.

Elder care company owners could really benefit from having Internet merchant accounts that would allow them to accept credit card payments online. Then they could focus on their clients and not on their paperwork. It is can be difficult to obtain a merchant account, though. The payment processing companies that manage them are wary of simply giving them out to businesses. Instead, many payment processors force their clients to share one merchant account (theirs) as third-party users, so they alone can control the flow of funds going in and out. The processors can place random holds on their clients’ funds without any warning, and sit on them for weeks at a time. Many credit card processors also charge excessively high fees for merchant account processing and other services, even though they are hardly beneficial to their clients.

With conditions like these, it is no wonder that many nursing home operators and elder care company owners eschew even looking for a merchant services provider. Instead, they stick with the old system of collecting and making deposits. would like to change all of that. This is one credit card processor that understands a business’s customers have to come first, and paperwork should come last. They have both high- and low-risk merchant accounts available for clients, and their application process is free and takes no time at all. Once approved, a business only has to wait 24-48 hours before it can process payments – either online or in-store – at some of the lowest rates in the industry. Clients can pay as little as 0.25% for card processing, and just $0.15 for each transaction. also provides all of the technology and software needed for their clients to accept credit cards, and they have a team of technical support experts standing by 24/7. Company owners can choose from a range of credit card machines, including Virtual Terminals capable of processing online payments, sending invoices, and keeping detailed records. That means more time caring for customers and less time in the office – a win-win solution from

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