Expanding into Tanzania!

In our pursuit to be one of the largest business providers around the world, all of us here at Payment Solutions Inc. is proud to announce yet another expansion into the international market, now reaching as far as Tanzania. In our efforts to become one of the farthest reaching international supporters of business and merchants, our services are still available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Need a merchant account for business with services all around the world? We’ve got what it takes to fill your needs.

It has been our goal to provide business solutions for the international company. To truly become an expansive enterprise, you need to have a means of receiving payment for your services, no matter where it comes from. With our help, you can both use and accept credit cards from any corner of the world. We offer the most in comprehensive merchant services and actively seek ways to save you money rather than spend more. While giving you the ability to conduct your transaction securely, we take the risk out of international business. You’ll have no worries when processing credit cards online, no matter where they may come from.

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