Charge.Com Answers Tough Questions about a High Risk Merchant Account

Deciding what industry to pursue is an important part of any business. The decision could be driven by what you studied in school, what you’re passionate about, or what your family and friends do for a living. Or maybe you found a gap in the market to exploit.

The challenge comes in when you’ve settled on an area of specialty that is ‘unpopular’. This resistance might come from public perception, or from finance industry labels. If you find yourself in that problematic situation, look up

Dealing with bad credit

There are different reasons why you might have bad credit. You might be struggling with student loans, or unwise financial commitments. You might have a partner or family member than ran up your credit card bill. You might have accidentally crashed your car.

It might even be that you’re young, or new to the business world, so you haven’t had a chance to acquire a good credit score. can support merchants and process their payments even if they have bad credit. knows doing good business is the best way to improve credit, and they’re here to help you with that.

Recovering from prior bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is nothing to be embarrassed about. Some of the world’s richest people have bounced back from it, sometimes more than once. believes in standing behind the potential moguls of the future, so, in many cases, they can open an account for you despite past bankruptcy.

Another issue that sometimes comes up for so-called risky businesses is international trade. Certain countries are known for levying high service charges. If your business deals with these countries, card processors may be unwilling to work with you. Consider going to instead.

Working in a ‘high risk’ category

Certain industries are considered ‘high risk’ in the business sphere. This risk perception comes from their previous experience with such businesses, considered statistically, and is not a direct reflection on you. ‘High risk’ businesses include, for example, those that deal in multiple foreign currencies, because volatile exchange rates can lead to cash loss.

Other factors are large cash transactions that might be flagged by governmental monitoring agencies. Services based on a subscription model are sometimes lumped here, because customers can cancel at any time, or have their cards denied. works with all kinds of businesses, so there is a good chance that they will process your payments even if others have denied you service.

Assuring customer anonymity

Some of the most successful online business are also the most personal ones. In addition to worrying about fraud and identity theft, your customers are concerned that others might discover how they spend their free time. This kind of privacy is essential. provides this at two levels, because your credit card data is protected using military grade encryption and Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulation.

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