Increase Your Sales by Accepting Credit Cards

Are you presenting the most convenient shopping experience for your customers? Modern era convenience encompasses so many things, such as online shopping as well as swift delivery. Even in brick and mortar stores, the shopping and paying process has been streamlined for extra convenience. This is most evident in credit and debit card acceptance. There…

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When is it Time To Open a Merchant Account

It is fairly easy to start accepting credit cards. All you have to do is open a merchant account, set up the processing equipment, and you’re pretty much set. However, very small businesses, and businesses that are just starting out have several factors to take into consideration before they start accepting credit card payments. When…

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Mobile Merchants Accept Credit Cards with Wireless Card Readers

As a mobile merchant, you can accept credit cards for immediate payment from anywhere with a wireless card reader from charge.com. Mobile Merchants with Wireless Card Readers Get Paid Now For mobile merchants who accept credit cards with wireless card readers, keeping up with receivables is easy. Mobile merchants would be the plumbers, electricians, painters,…

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