How to Stay in Business During the COVID-19 Lockdown

The COVID-19 quarantine has had a profound impact on the way everyone conducts business. Those who used to rely on their credit card swipe machines for business have almost universally had to adapt to the times with an internet merchant account and an online component, if they didn’t have those already. At this point, you…

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Adapt Your Transactions with eCommerce Strategies

The COVID-19 lockdown is changing how businesses interact with their customers. They may no longer have access to their point of sale systems and their business infrastructure may not have room for accepting credit cards online or delivering their products and services to customers. If you own a business with an online component, you need…

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How to Adapt Your Store for the Lockdown

With very few exceptions, no matter what kind of business you own, the coronavirus lockdown has probably negatively impacted your sales. This means that you need to adapt your store’s commerce model to changing standards of purchases, advertising, and even manufacturing partnerships. Here are three tips to help you change your store for the lockdown,…

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