Accepting Credit Cards

Accept Credit Card Payments to Generate More Sales

What’s a typical shopping process? Some shoppers make a shopping list before they walk into the store, to make sure they don’t forget anything. If it’s a physical store, the store is usually organized to optimize sales. So as they pick the items on their list, they’ll keep seeing extras that scream ‘pick me!’ If…

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Accept Credit Card Payments Anywhere, Anytime

As a small business owner, your efforts probably often focus on expanding your customer base. Whether you have an online e-commerce business, a brick and mortar store, or both, the survival, growth and health of your business depends on sales, revenue, and brand value. That’s why giving your customers more payment options provides some immediate…

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Why Your Business Should Accept Credit Cards and Mobile Payments

If your new business is ready to go cashless, ensure that you are well-informed and then partner with the right credit card processing company. It’s been 70 years since the first credit cards made their debut and though they’ve gained huge popularity and made technological advances, some small business owners may still hesitate to take…

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