California Merchants Live the Dream with Help from

California is one of the most visited places in the US – and with good reason. The state’s 163,000 square miles contain various geographical settings that are immense and stunning, (i.e. forests, beaches, mountains, and deserts), as well as major metropolitan areas with zoos, theme parks, and world famous restaurants. Tourists can shop ‘til they drop in Los Angeles, or go for some thrilling rollercoaster rides with familiar characters in Anaheim. They can stroll through picturesque Venice Beach, and catch righteous waves in Big Sur. When they tire of city life, visitors can stop by one of the many national parks in The Golden State to reconnect with nature. Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Sequoia National Park are glorious to behold year-round and a major draw for campers, hikers, and cyclists.

All of this tourism means hundreds of billions of dollars for California’s economy. Much of that money should wind up in the bank accounts of the merchants who work hard each day to ensure that visitors have an amazing time. Sadly, most of the merchants’ share will end up in the hands of the credit card processing companies that manage their credit card payments. These processors handle merchant accounts, which businesses need to collect remittances – particularly from people paying with cards over the Internet. While many merchants apply for private accounts, processors often deny these requests. Instead, they give their clients a choice: either use the processors’ own merchant accounts as third parties, or no card services. Without the ability to accept credit cards, the businesses will lose customers to their competition, so they usually agree to take the third-party option. This gives the processors complete control over the funds in the merchant accounts – they can place unwarranted and lengthy holds on those monies, and the businesses have to wait for their dispersal. In the meantime, the processors can charge incredibly high rates and excessive fees to the account, so as the funds sit – they get whittled down to almost nothing. It is a recurring nightmare that a lot of the state’s merchants are having.

Fortunately, is standing by to make sure California businesses have nothing but sweet dreams. The application for an online merchant account is always free, and a response will come quickly – often within a few days. Once companies have received approval for their accounts, they can begin using them to run remittances within 24-48 hours. All processing happens in real-time, too – and there are no third-party holds. This means clients can access their money whenever they need it, instead of waiting on their processor to give it to them. also offers the most affordable rates in the credit card processing industry. Clients can pay as little as $0.15 for each transaction, and have rates as low as 0.25%. Other excellent benefits to using include:

  • Better security
  • Free credit card reader technology with set-up
  • Free 24/7/365 technical support
  • Immediate transaction approval
  • No hidden fees
  • Domestic and International accounts available

With millions and millions of dreamers on the way, California’s merchants do not have time to sit around and wait for their money. They also cannot have fees and high rates that financially constrain them from operating their businesses. For them, finding the fast and reasonable credit card processing from is like striking gold.

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