Book Retailers Do Not Have to Read Between the Lines with

A lot of folks enjoy curling up with a good page-turner, and welcome news of a bookstore opening in their neighborhood. While there are a good number of people that simply see modern bookstores as one-stop-shopping for music, magazines, movies, and – yes – books, they are so much more to avid readers. Bookstores are places to fall in love with classic romances, get enthralled with chilling whodunits, receive encouragement from self-help hardbacks, or reflect on the nuances of life with philosophers, theologians, and hilariously insightful comedians. They are spots for stories of intrigue and wartime espionage, unearthly visitors from science fiction novels, and cooking tips from celebrity chefs. They are home to tomes about fears overcome, shattered lives healed, and faith restored. In short – to bibliophiles – bookstores are Heaven on Earth.

In the real world, however a bookstore must be profitable and maintain good credit, or it will cease to exist. The owners of such a business need their funds to be easily accessible and see a quick return on their payment processing, so they can pay vendors, utilities, rent, and employee salaries. They also need the technology to accept credit card payments in their store, since it will probably be the method of compensation most popular with their customers. It is especially important that they have the ability to accept credit cards online, because more and more people are shopping exclusively over the Internet these days. The bookstore will require tight cybersecurity and technical support with all of this online processing, as well. Of course, none of this can cost too much, or take too long because there will be no profits left if too little arrives too late.

Many credit card payment processing companies promise that they can deliver customers’ funds really fast, and without taking the proverbial arm-and-a-leg, but frequently subject their clients’ merchant accounts to unnecessary seizures and charge inflated processing rates. They also bill their clients just for applying, and try to talk the hapless merchants into signing contracts that are written to obfuscate the amount of hidden fees. This duplicitous behavior keeps many booksellers struggling to get a good read on merchant credit card processing. Some are frustrated that their merchant card services come attached with so much fine print, and others simply opt out of accepting credit cards altogether so they can avoid the hassle. is one payment processor that does not stick to this standard script, however. This merchant services provider promises customers fast, affordable credit card processing – and delivers. There are no fees for applying, and accepted businesses can begin using their new merchant accounts within 24 hours. Businesses can process all forms of payment – including online credit card remittances – using patented Virtual Terminal technology, and their individual accounts are secured with military-grade encryption. Technical support is readily available, too. Clients having difficulty can call the support line 24/7/365 and get help from an expert. also has some of the lowest processing costs in the industry. Customers have rates as low as 0.25%, and can pay as little as $0.15 in fees for each transaction. Funds are rapidly distributed after transactions have cleared. Most customers see their profits deposited in just 2-3 business days and some may qualify for Next Day Funding, which credits funds to their accounts in just one business day. This means merchants will be able to access their money whenever they need to put it back into their businesses. With such reasonable rates and clear, easy processing, can quickly become the hero in any bookstore’s origin story.

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