Bars and Nightclubs Can Live It Up with Groovy Processing from

If there is one thing people have in common – it is that they love to have a good time. For many, that may include visiting a local bar or nightclub for a well-mixed alcoholic beverage or expertly crafted microbrew right from the tap. Public houses are notable for the food they serve, too. The quality of the fare some dish up can rival that served by the city’s best restaurants. Clubs and discotheques usually employ the latest and greatest music, (both the live and recorded/remixed variety), to attract patrons to their floors, as well. It is the trifecta of good business that every bar and nightclub hopes to achieve: excellent beverages, food, and tunes. It is also very expensive for owners to pull off. Food, expert cooks and wait-staff, spirits and other beverages, and terrific entertainment costs a lot of money – much of it due immediately upon delivery of goods or services rendered. For this reason, bars and nightclubs need to be able to access the funds in their accounts, and to be able to replace that money by processing their customers’ payments with the utmost speed. Unfortunately, many of them have yet to achieve that financial balance.

Most bars and nightclubs do accept credit cards, of course – it is the fastest and most trusted form of payment next to cash. The problem lies with the credit card processing companies that they utilize to run their credit card information. A processor often will not give an entertainment or eating establishment a private merchant account – which is necessary for processing online credit card payments. Instead, the processor would make such a business share its own merchant account, so it can place holds on the funds coming and going, and dispense them at its leisure. This means that a bar or nightclub could have to wait weeks to see its money from collected remittances, even if the processor received them within 24 hours. To make matters worse, the processors can still charge clients excessive and hidden fees, so by the time the businesses do get their money, it is far less than what was anticipated. For bars and nightclubs – who need all of their money to come in quickly so they can stay in business – this is a real buzzkill.

Luckily, knows what the nightlife needs. This is one credit card processors that makes it easy for all types of enterprises to obtain merchant accounts. The application is completely free and takes no time at all to fill out. Once a business has been approved, it can begin processing payments – in real-time – through its new account in as little as 24-48 hours. That means no more onerous third-party holds that tie up the money. believes in up-front pricing, too, so clients never see their dividends whittled down to almost nothing. Customers can be charged rates as low as 0.25% for credit card processing, and pay as little as $0.15 for each transaction processed. It is proof that wants to help their clients keep the good times rolling.


  1. Mas on August 4, 2016 at 8:56 am

    Need to accept credit cards in our bar in Tokyo. We are a champagne bar so charges can be quite high. In almost 2 years in business we have never encountered any problems with customers.

    Our current merchant is asking us to the change the registry name every several months. Very strange! Getting tired of that. We dont want to make changes once agreed upon.


    • Staff on August 4, 2016 at 4:55 pm

      Yes, we can help you with that! For more information, you can contact a sales representative by going to the link below:

      Or, to sign up now, just click the big red “SIGN UP NOW” button at the top of this page.

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