AWS Outage Affects Payment Services

Amazon Web Services experienced service outages that affected several web services, including Square. This left many business owners who rely on Square’s payment services unable to process their customer’s payments. Businesses always want to accept credit cards now, which means they require reliable merchant processing services.’s services for processing payments have been fully operational and able to process credit card payments throughout this time. Businesses need to accept credit cards now and works hard to make sure that its services never go down.

Reliable Services prides itself on providing businesses the option to accept credit cards now. Businesses move fast, and it is unacceptable to deny a business the ability to accept credit cards, because this can lead to permanently lost sales. and its partners work tirelessly to ensure that their internet merchant account services are always ready to process credit cards.

Credit cards is the prefered method for many customers for most purchases. Accordingly, it is crucial that businesses are able to accept credit cards now. Customers will not necessarily be patient or understanding if a service outage prevents them from making payments the way they want to. Businesses require an internet merchant provider that will provide reliable service so they never have to deny a customer who is ready to pay them.

Your merchant account provider should work hard to make sure that their services are reliable, no matter the time of day or what is happening with other web services. Being able to accept credit cards now is how successful businesses operate.

Fast and Safe

In addition to reliability, internet merchant services must be quick and safe. Customers share a lot of information when they use a credit card to make a payment. That information must be kept safe with state-of-the-art security.

A secure system should not prevent the payment from being processed quickly. After the payment is processed, that money should be delivered to your business internet merchant account promptly–not weeks or months later. Access to cash flow can mean the difference between success and failure for many businesses. A merchant account provider should not hold the process up any longer than necessary.

Being able to accept credit cards now should not mean new hassles for businesses. Businesses’ merchant account providers should focus on processing credit cards, so that those businesses can focus on the core functions of their businesses.

Using merchant processing services should also be easy. Businesses should not have to settle for paying fees for software, equipment, or setup. That money can be better spent on growing a business, or passed on as savings to customers to keep them coming back.

To find out more about the Amazon Web Service outage, or to sign up for a merchant account, you can visit or call (888) 924-2743. is the safest and most reliable choice in merchant account processing.

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