Arizona Merchants See Profits Rise with Help from

There are few states with as much natural beauty as Arizona. It is home to the Grand Canyon – an immense and impressive geological wonder carved over eons out of the desert floor by the roiling waters of the Colorado River – as well as the primordial Petrified Forest National Park, with its trees of stone. The world’s largest, and best-preserved asteroid impact crater is also found in The Copper State, along with Monument Valley – a Navajo tribal park containing enormous sandstone formations – and Saguaro National Park, filled with towering saguaro cacti, trails, and petroglyphs. Some man-made sites add to Arizona’s magnificence, as well. The ancient Sinagua people constructed a massive cliff-side city here – known today as the Montezuma Castle National Monument – and the giant telescopes at the famed Lowell Observatory amaze visitors with spectacular views of our infinite universe.

All of this environmental loveliness is a great boon to Arizona, and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. They come to see the dazzling colors of the desert, and bask in the warmth beneath its endless sky. They will spend millions of dollars at local businesses – mostly using their credit cards, because people prefer to pay with plastic when they travel to avoid overspending and theft. For Arizona merchants who have good credit card processing, this is terrific news. For those who do not, it puts them in a tight spot. Sure – they can accept credit cards, so they will remain competitive and not miss out on the influx of tourist transactions – however, since they have to pay exorbitant costs for each transaction and sit through lengthy waiting periods for their funds, they actually make little money every time they use their card swipe machines. Metaphorically, it is akin to filling a bucket with an eyedropper – it is arduous, painfully frustrating, and there is a good chance most of the solution will evaporate into thin air before the bucket ever gets full. is a merchant account provider with a different approach to credit card payment processing. Customers do not have to wait weeks to see the funds that have been accruing in their merchant accounts. Most have their funds deposited within 48-72 hours, and qualifying clients can get Next Day Funding – so their money will be put into their accounts within one business day. Dollars will not disappear due to excessive and obscure fees, either. offers its customers individual accounts free of third-party and other hidden charges. All costs are clearly determined at the time accounts are opened. Clients pay as little as $0.15 per transaction and can receive credit card processing rates as low as 0.25%. Other great benefits include:

  • Free credit card terminals (including in-store and mobile models)
  • Free expert software set-up
  • Free technical support available 24/7/365
  • Virtual Terminal technology available (takes customers’ orders, accepts credit card payments online, keeps detailed transaction records, sends invoices, capable of processing recurring payments)

Many Arizona merchants struggle each year to find a solution to their credit card merchant services woes. Some even go so far as to refuse to accept credit card payments. has a better answer – excellent merchant account services and affordable payment processing that will have every company seeing the glass half-full.

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