Accept Credit Card Payments for Faster, Easier Sales

Credit card payments have become a key component of business success today. More people use cashless systems to pay for goods and services than ever before. If you want to grow your business faster, tapping into the cashless payment market is essential. Accepting credit card payments is the surest way to ensure that your customers can pay for anything at any time. If your business does not have an online presence or a credit card payment system, you are losing valuable customers daily. A credit card payment system can give your customers the flexibility to buy from you 24 hours a day, every day. People from other regions and countries can buy your products without you having to open a location in their area. And all these people can make all these purchases even while you are asleep. Using a credit card payment system also increases your customers’ buying confidence. Seeing the credit card logos lets new customers know that your business is legitimate.

Our Credit Card Processing Options

To cater to all business types, there are three primary credit card processing options. These are Internet processing software,an electronic keypad terminal, and wireless/mobile credit card processing.

Internet processing software is the most versatile credit card processing option because it is a secure virtual system. It allows your customers to buy your products from anywhere at any time. Your customers can process their payments through your website without your physical presence. You can then link the results of the transaction to an automatic fulfillment process, or fulfil the order whenever you are ready to do so. You can also manually enter customer data for orders placed face-to-face, by phone, by mail, or by fax.

Another option is an electronic keypad terminal. This is ideal for face-to-face sales. This is useful for professional offices, restaurants, and physical stores. You or your customers insert or swipe their cards, and they receive an immediate receipt. And you never need to worry about refilling the ink in the keypad if you use thermal printing paper.

A third option is a wireless/mobile credit card Processing system. which enables you to process card payments using a mobile terminal or with your own mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It is a great option for service providers such as plumbers, installers, mobile merchants and other services that require payment on delivery. It is also very useful for trade fairs, food trucks, traveling sales people, or any other merchant who sells on-the-go.

Choose the Right Service

To make sure you are going with the right company, find a merchant account provider that has been doing business online for many years or even decades–not months or weeks. Find a company that won’t charge any application fees or setup fees, and one which will provide your equipment or processing software at no additional cost. And if price is an issue for you, then make sure they offer a low price guarantee.

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